About Me

Hi! I'm Wendy Teeter. I'm a Master Designer, Independent Designer with Chalk Couture Chalk. A mom of two College girls.  I've been married to my husband Dan for 23 years.  We currently have 12 pets in the house, 8 cats (1 hairless, 7 are rescues), and 5 dogs.  My busy days consist of chalking, crafting, planners, crochet, and a small business with Chalk Couture selling my finished crafts under "The Vintage Mint".  I do have some medical issues so some days i'm just at home in bed all day.  Other than that I say pretty active with my life.  I love to read when I find some downtime.

Crafting is my thing. I love chalking and sharing that love with others, by teaching them how to create beautiful things.  As soon as I saw the first demonstration online using Chalk Couture's silk screen transfers I was hooked and I hadn't even touched the product yet. I signed up with 5 mins to become a designer because crafting is what I do BEST and LOVE it! My family are huge cheerleaders for me.  You will see them at every event, class, or sip n' chalk, decked out shirts they made using chalk coutures transfers and permanent ink!  They even demo the product including my HUSBAND! We are a fun loving family and our door is always open for the NEW friends we make and our long time friends.  I love teaching classes and inspiring people to reach for the stars! 

Thanks for reading about Me (Wendy)!  If you have any questions at all, please reach out through my CONTACT page. I'd love to help answer any questions you may have or welcome you as a customer or team member! -Wendy